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Week of August 24th

Azure Seward, a natural psychic and healer, is going to be at the store 11am-5pm tomorrow (Tuesday) and 12pm-6pm Saturday this week to do tarot readings, chakra clearings and other energy work!! Cost is $1 per minute. Azure connects with the other side--including your guides and angels, to give you an amazing, accurate reading. Britta and I have had readings with Azure and we both agree she is a gifted reader. For an appointment please call the store at 717-618-1672.

Gene Ang will be back at Your Inner Light on August the 25th to do presence healing sessions in the morning/afternoon and a class in the evening. We still have a few spots open for his healing sessions. His class will be on--"Initiates of Mani: Transforming Evil into Good."

Gene's message on his presence healing sessions:

I will be holding energy healing sessions based on a number of cutting-edge healing modalities. Each session can be tailored made for you. You may request the type of modality you desire or I can make a recommendation. If you do not see something that resonates, please talk with me to see if there is something else not presented that could help.

Description of Healing Modalities:

Arcturian Healing Method is a healing method I have synthesized from all the healing modalities I have studied and also inspired by the Divine and spiritual beings from the star system Arcturus. The purpose of this session is to center and balance any issue expressing itself on the physical, energetic, emotional, mental, or spiritual levels. (1 hour)

Brain Balancing uses the latest energy healing methods and vibrational tools (radiesthesia) to balance and center the brain and specific brain structures. Examples of brain centers that can be balanced include the two brain hemispheres, amygdala (anxiety), prefrontal cortex (higher cognitive processes), and hippocampus (memory) to name a few (2 hours).

Dimensional Analysis and Balancing (DAB) allows the client and myself to look at any issue (illness, person, organ, relationship, business, etc) and energetically diagnose what dimension and specifically up to 12 subdivisions on that dimension that issue needs balancing. The second part of the session then provides energetic and vibrational healing to center and balance those affected dimensions. (1 hour or 2 hour options)

The Reconnection® is best suited for people who want a quantum shift and acceleration forward in their life purpose. If you have never done the Reconnection, this is a place to start since I have found it to be effective for myself and clients in general. Highly recommended. 2 separate sessions, spaced a day apart, are required. (1 hour; 2 sessions)

I have also trained in the following modalities: Access Bars®, VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing, Matrix Energetics®, Pranic Healing®, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy®, Reconnective Healing®, and Shamanic Healing. Call the store for an appointment for a healing session with Gene at 717-618-1672.

Gene's class on the "The Initiates of Mani: Transforming Evil into Good" is an initiation class meant to help people remember their connection to the spiritual stream started by the being know at various times as Mani, Manu, or Melchizedek. The Manichaeism stream is known as a redemptive stream and initiates of this lineage have dedicated their lifetimes towards transforming evil into good through love.

During this event there will be 3 main activities. The first will be an in-depth discussion of the stream of Manichaeism and how it fits into your spiritual path in the modern age and beyond. The second part is an activation calling upon the Spiritual Hierarchy and in particular the spiritual being of Mani to make a connection to this spiritual stream and to dedicate our mission towards helping humanity through the transmutation of evil into good. The third part of the evening is a meditation in which this connection is strengthened in our column of energy through focus and will.

Highlights of the program include:

-A discussion of the different Ages of the Archangels and how we are currently in the Age of the Archangel Michael and moving towards the Age of the Archangel Oriphiel. What benefits, trends, and expectations occur in these different Archangelic ages.

-What forms of hindering spirits and thought forms need to be transmuted on the path of Mani initiates.

-What are the various spiritual streams of initiates associated with thinking, feeling, and willing? Determining which stream is yours.

-How our spiritual structure determines our destiny. How to change this structure and thereby change our destiny.

-An invocation and activation to the Spiritual Hierarchy and the high initiate Mani to help connect us to this stream of loving transmutation

-A meditation to connect to the Angelic Hierarchy and Mani through the Pillar of Light running through the central core of our energy body.

-What parts of the energy field make connections to high spiritual beings.

-How spiritual beings communicate through rapid downloads of information into our field and how to unpack this information accurately and effectively.

-How group formation works through resonance and how groups of initiates can communicate to each other from an advanced state of awareness through the group’s morphic field.

-The question of evil and how it is to be transformed into good through love.

-Where is your spiritual stream’s recognition symbol located in your energy field.

Please bring pens, pencil, notebook, eye covering, yoga mat, meditation cushion, blanket, and/or pillow for the evening activities as needed. A mp3 recording of the meditation and activation are part of the program.

Tuesday, August 25 from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM; $75
If you would like to make an appointment with Gene or want more information please call the shop at 717-618-1672

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